Activation Residency occupies 8 acres of Munsee Lenape land in Bethel, NY. We are a forest farm dedicated to ecological relationality. Our mission is to get humans closer to water, food, and energy systems. 

The land is being prepared for test gardens and infrastructure. Meadows are abundantly wet and overtaken by yellow nutsedge, blueberry bushes, and apple trees.

Desire lines and access ways have traction. From forest floor to westernly wetlands, a spring ditch guides downwardly. Property lines have been marked as of 9/21/22. Look for orange ribbons and spray paint on bushes, shrubs, and trees.

Waterproof knee high boots are needed for land walking. There is not yet a toilet or amenities on-site.

We are building relationship with the land inquiry by inquiry. A white estate owned the land before selling to a black trans individual.

Support our farm by sending money to us through our fiscal sponsor for a tax break or give to us directly using Venmo, PayPal or Cash App.