where bodies & stars collide

the residency of the future, activating creative practices since 2018

︎︎︎ Activation Residency aims to provide the tending needed.
︎︎︎ Activation Residency values autonomy, service, and land relations.
︎︎︎ Activation Residency believes in the power of access, gathering, and the arts.
︎︎︎ Activation Residency is committed to creativity, nourishment, and luxury.

“Activation Residency changed my life.”

- Zenat Begum, 2020 Artist-in-Residence
Activation Residency is a Black trans-led artist residency aiming to generate safer, more collaborative space, adapt to its residents’ needs, and create portals to futures needed now. Located in New York state southern Catskill mountains, the residency seeks to activate the creative practice of each participating resident, redistribute access, resources, and care as well as play with the means of production.

In 2018, Activation Residency was born out of the lack of creative opportunities available to Black and brown, trans, and queer artists. The first residency program sent 20 working artists to the Outlier Inn in Woodridge, New York. Artists took home a variety of skills and activated perspectives.

In 2019, Activation Residency hosted 60 artists at the Outlier Inn for a healing justice program. These artists deepened their transformative justice praxis and developed pods beyond the residency.

Independent of Activation Residency LLC, Activation Cooperative Fund LTD was established to support members through COVID-19. In 2020, Activation Residency gave the world Respite as Resistance for artists and activist fighting on the frontlines after the murder of Geroge Floyd and Farming Futurity, our attempt at land reclamation through a substantive and direct relationship with food production and land stewardship.