@ the outlier inn
307 mountain dale road
woodridge, ny 12789
Is the Outlier Inn accessible?
During the residency, we have access to the upstairs of the Main House, tiny houses, geodesic domes, trailer, and all outdoor amenities.

The Outlier Inn is inaccessible, and can be difficult to locate. The Outlier Inn does not have step-free access and lacks ADA compliance. The space is not wheelcair accessible, and most doorways are narrow, including the doors to the outhouses. Property grounds are uneven and hilly, and each structure has a stoop or stairs. All lodging has 5-6 step porches and 10-12 step staircases inside.

There are all gender outhouses and restrooms throughout the property. The outdoor restroom is a compost toilet. The indoor restroom is in the Main House and requires getting up to the front porch, 5 steps, and a flight on stairs in the house, 12 steps. The indoor bathroom in the Main House has a beautiful jet bathtub that we encourage you to enjoy.

The restroom in the trailer is not a usable toilet. The outdoor shower and bathtub receive the hottest water on the property.

The shower and bathtubs are stocked with Living Libations and LUSH Cosmetics products. Use as you wish, and be sure to wash your hands for a minimum of 30 seconds regularly.

The Outlier Inn is a 12 acre bucolic farm and community space in Woodridge, NY South Catskills occupied Munsee Lenape territory. It is owned and operated by a white man named Joshua Druckman. Activation Residency has worked with Joshua for the past three years.

How does Activation meet the access needs?
We strive to ensure Activation is navigatable for its attendees with visible and known disabilities as well as attendees with non-obvious disabilities and/or chronic illness, and people of all body types. An access needs checklist is in the application. To request accommodation or for accessibility related inquiries, please email us.

What does Activation provide?
We provide meals, lodging, reserved front row seating for those who need it, first aid kits, scentless body products, menstruation productions, harm reduction and overdose preparedness kits, a hydration station, earbuds, eye masks, and weighted blankets.

What is Activation unable to provide?
Activation is unable to provide ramps for wheelchair access as the property grounds are uneven, and the lodging is inaccessible. We are unable to provide even, smooth surfaces throughout the property or tent covers in case of rain. There are other access needs we may be unable to meet.

What is the age eligibility?
Activation is a 21+ residency.

Can I bring my pet or support animal?
Animal friends are welcome. Keep in mind that there are other animals on the property.

What are Activation’s waste guidelines?
Leave no trace. Compost is on-site. The outhouse and trailer toilets are not toilet paper disposable. Please manage your waste responsibly.

What are the accommodation options at the Outlier Inn?
A shared or single bed in the main house, vintage trailer, or tiny houses.

What amenities are offered at the Outlier Inn?
Snacks and beverages, outdoor kitchen, WiFi, hot showers, barn and general store, and in hous device charging.

What programming is offered at Activation?
The residency offers generative programming including workshops, think tanks, live performances, installations, and exhibitions, healing activities like reiki, acupuncture, massage, yoga and meditation, a culture of rest and relaxation, time in nature, and peer engagement.

How will I get to the residency?
Respite as Resistance is fully funded, and travel is covered. The nearet major airport is Stewart International Airport.

What is the weather expectation?In September, it is usually very sunny during the day with some light breeze and wind. The temperature drastically drops at night. October will be cold. Be sure to pack layers.

Do you need funds for travel or supplies? Are you receiving a stipend for performing care work, facilitating, or working production?
Send us a request via Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal with your [full name - item/purchase (or) stipend for {work title}].

Venmo request @Activation, Cash App request $ActivationResidency, or PayPal request info@activationresidency.com to receive funds.

For all reimbursements, send receipts to info@activationresidency.com.

Kamra Hakim
Activation Residency Founder

Amanda Everich
Activation Residency Facilitator

Monica Martinez
Activation Residency Production Manager

In the event of a medical emergency, Activation Residency organizers must be contacted so care can be given, help can be called, and the collective can come together for information on what happens next.

meals The Center for Bioregional Living will be catering with your specific dietary needs. There will be snacks, water, tea, and coffee in the outdoor kitchen area for your snacking pleasure throughout each day.

what to bring Clothes, a sweater for the evenings, totems to place on the altar, medications, mobility devices, tampons, contraceptives, toys, instruments, paints, love, boundaries, consideration, a willingness to rest, a journal, swimsuit, toothbrush and toothpaste, comfortable shoes, phone charger, books, games, and work you want to share.

Materials & Supplies If there are specific supplies you need, let us know what to order for you no later than two weeks prior to your residency experience.

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