Activation’s COVID-19 Response
We are a collective of artists building new worlds for ourselves. We aim for our efforts during COVID-19, and at all times, to be collaborative and rooted in collective care. In developing our COVID-19 response, we have learned that the expansive support of love is more abundant than previously known. In honor of the sacred healing and learning space we create each year at Activation, we reach for each other through computer screens and phones as our digital portal of comfort during this time of physical distance. 

Our bodies and systems are entangled. We name our experiences to cultivate awareness. We are experiencing a wave of collective trauma during COVID-19 that will have residual impact. As our nervous systems work to keep us safe, we want you to know that however you feel at this time is your body’s truth. Our task is to employ strategies to self and co-regulate as soothing ourselves contributes to collective liberation.

Activation’s COVID-19 Resources
  1. We created a mutual aid living resource. It was started by members of the Activation community, and lives on to serve as long as it is needed. Resource and knowledge sharing can be difficult to sift through, so we made this document with that in mind, keeping it succinct, simple, and easy to navigate.
  2. We built a Co-op Fund to financially sustain members and Activation through COVID-19 and beyond. 

We have been building our own world and taking care of each other long before COVID-19, and will continue to do so.

All of you are welcome here. May we take a moment to acknowledge each person who has lost their life to COVID-19. To all the people who are, have been and will be, may we honor you by honoring ourselves and each other.