Activation Residency continues to fill gaps in providing quality care to artists visiting us. After the murder of George Floyd, Farming Futurity, a forest garden artist residency designed to highlight natural luxury in ecological systems and processes, was launched. We became aware that the world would not become safer for us; rather, we need to spearhead the means by which to thrive.

“Less than 2% of farmers in the United States are Black compared to 14% back in 1920. Farm Management has been white, while farm labor has been Black and Brown, often undocumented and certainly exploited.” -@masslibaz

Farming Futurity is Activation Residency’s attempt at land reclamation through a substantive and direct relationship with food production and land stewardship. This winter, we found 5 beautiful acres in Youngsville and are working towards contract and close.

disclosure: farming futurity funding supports the current and reoccurring operations of Activation Residency LLC in pursuit of an artist residency forest garden

farming futurity is a placemaking project about a safer, food sovereign, creative, and soft-edged future

farming futurity is a forest garden artist residency designed to highlight natural luxury in ecological systems and processes

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Through a 2-prong business model, Activation Residency will reinvest luxury short-term rental and CSA (community-supported agriculture) membership income into the care, nourishment, and advancement of our artists.

  • luxury short term rentals in
Systems 00
$350 per night x 300 days per year = $105,000 per year

activation residency seasonal CSA farming futurity membership includes: 
  • unlimited in-person garden visits per year
  • 2 boxes of produce per month
  • discounted rates on luxury short term rentals
$500 per month (or) $5,555 per year, projected 222 members per year = $1,332,000 per year


projected income after first year