Invitations are intended to be fluid and sturdy, shift with needs, provide clear pathways for safer engagement, and center the most vulnerable always.

Care Before Impact

Prioritize taking breaks, canceling, and slowing down. Work to hold needs. Without proper care, impact is limited.

Consent No Matter What

No pressure for anything ever. Violate consent comes from a history of hierarchy.

Protect Autonomy

Actively acknowledge and rectify dynamics and behavior that challenge and diminish personal autonomy. Each person’s intuition and innate wisdom of their body must be respected.

Solidarity, Not Charity

Reparations are due. Pay up.

No Anti-Blackness Ever

No expression of anti-Blackness will be tolerated.

Center Marginalized Folks

Center survivors, undocumented folks, and sex workers. Value and humanhood are not dictated by capacity. AR believes in the wholeness of disability and interdependence.

Honor Land And Water

Acknowledging Indigenous peoples who protect the water and land is crucial. Native Land is a resource. Find out whose land supports you.


There are real structural and capacity limitations to the space that can be held. AR is not made up of experts but rather, curious artists eager to hold space for this work to be done.

Accountability seeks to support healing without causing further harm, hold contradictory truths - that we can be impacted and cause impact at the same time - and provide safety in holding ourselves accountable.

Accountability processes can look like boundaries upheld by an entire group, BATJC pods, mediatory meetings, clearing circles, and conversations centering the needs of those impacted by harm in ways that support their self-determination.