Activation Residency acknowledges and thanks disabled Black and brown elders for crafting disability justice praxis as an intersectional and intentional framework to shape our healing justice work. In all of our work, we remember the words Alice Wong, Sandy Ho, and Mia Mingus teach us: Access is Love.
experience belonging
We aim to use inclusive language free from jargon and are open to feedback when we fall short of this goal.

We aim to make our website accessible by keeping language, text, font size, and image use simple. All images are captioned and our website is partially optimized for screen readers and other access needs.

Social Channels
We use Alt-Text, Camel-Case, and image descriptions in the captions of our picture, video, and text posts when possible.

Activation Co-op Fund
We aim to enhance the access of our co-op fund by encouraging those who can to pay for the subscription of someone who is unable to pay.  Additional information regarding co-op fund access can be found on the co-op fund FAQ page.

Digital Gathering
We do not yet have the funding to hire ASL interpreters. Zoom accessibility features including closed captioning through Closed Captioning REST APIautomatic transcripts, recordings, Keyboard Shortcuts,  and Screen Reader Support are available. We ask about access needs for being in the digital space.

Physical Gathering
The Outlier Inn lacks ADA compliance. We practice low-scent. Gender neutral bathrooms are available throughout the property. We conduct access check-ins during orientation and each day in small groups. We facilitate resource exchange and sharing to meet needs in real time. We aim to center a culture of asking pronouns, respecting people’s boundaries, and resisting our socialization by checking power dynamics.

Kaleidescope Justice
We understand justice as constantly shifting patterns and always changing lived experiences. Our take on justice prioritizes survivors and acknowledges the complexities of healing and exploring pathways to addressing harm without causing further damage.

Asking for help
Quality access requires asking for help. If you are able and would like to support this project in accessibility and sustainability, send funds to our PayPal.

we take care of us
a black trans led future space