Activation Residency acknowledges and thanks disabled Black and brown elders for crafting disability justice praxis to inform this healing justice work. In all of the work, AR remembers the words Alice Wong, Sandy Ho, and Mia Mingus, “access is love.” 

Asking for help
Quality access requires asking for help. If you are able and would like to support this project in accessibility and sustainability, send funds to via PayPal. 
Activation Residency’s COVID-19 Safety Protocol aims to include the immediate needs of participating residents. AR’s COVID-19 address can be viewed here

Invitations are intended to be fluid and sturdy, shift with needs, provide clear pathways for safer engagement, and center the most vulnerable always. Click here to read Activation Residency invitations. 

AR aims to use inclusive language free from jargon and open to feedback when falling short of this goal.

Activation Cooperative Fund
AR aims to enhance access of activation cooperative fund by encouraging those who can to pay for the subscription of someone who is unable to pay. Additional information regarding cooperative fund can be found on the cooperative fund faq.
Digital Gathering
Zoom accessibility features including closed captioning through Closed Captioning REST API, automatic transcripts, recordings, Keyboard Shortcuts,  and Screen Reader Support are available. AR asks about access needs for being in the digital space and accommodates when able.

Physical Gathering
The Outlier Inn lacks ADA compliance. Gender neutral bathrooms are available throughout the property. AR conducts access check-ins during orientation and each day in small groups. AR facilitates resource exchange and sharing to meet needs in real time. AR aims to center a culture of asking pronouns, respecting boundaries, and resisting power dynamics.

Kaleidoscope Justice AR understands justice as constantly shifting patterns and always changing lived experiences. AR’s take on justice prioritizes survivors and acknowledges the complexities of healing and exploring pathways to addressing harm.