activation co-op fund
What is a cooperative?
The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) defines a cooperative as, "an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise." Cooperatives are based on values of collective management, operating democratically, open membership, equal voting rights, continuous education and concern for community, accountability, transparency, solidarity, and abolishing employment.

Who has access to Activation Co-op Fund?
Activation Co-op Fund is available to any individual or collective who has access to a computer and the features used to operate the co-op fund including this website, Loomio, PayPal, and Zoom. Activation Co-op Fund is open to all persons without gender, class, racial, political, or religious discrimination.

How can I enhance the access of this co-opo fund?
Enhance the access of this co-op fund by paying for the subscription of someone who is unable to pay, but wants membership. To view monthly subscription amounts, click here.

How can I help sustain the life of this co-op fund?
COVID-19 hit creatives hard. As such, we must practice sustainability whenever possible. Help sustain the life of this co-op fund by fully or partially pledging your stimulus check. To pledge, click here. Those who pledge waive the Class Traitor Program residency fee for an artist they nominate. This work is inspired by #ShareMyCheck.

Why this co-op fund?
Structure is needed to achieve equitable decision making and we have been working together for some time now. This is a resillient collective, which means we are adaptable, generative, creative, and rational.

As a member of Activation Co-op Fund, you are an Activator, and part of Activation Residency’s futurity. You get access to a network of members to be in coversation and share ideas with, and to co-op funds by submitting proposals that receive a majority vote.
With that comes the opportunity to submit your own proposals or proposals on behalf of Activation as well as the voluntary power to shift, change, and iterate the co-op fund structure as needed. You get to be a member of a circulatory economy that aims to provide new ways of having money.
What is unique about proposals submitted on behalf of Activation?
  1. Proposals submitted on behalf of Activation and selected for funding grant proposalists access to digital training workshops that prepare artists for Activation before the residency in the fall.
  2. Proposalists receive a residency spot at one of Activation Residency’s signature programs this fall.
  3. Proposalists receive new portaits funded by Activation.

How do proposals work?
Review Proposal Process in Activation Co-op Fund Handbook to find out how proposals work. To ensure an ecosystem of giving and receiving between members and the members’ structure, a proposal on behalf of Activation must be proposed and funded for every proposal proposed and funded on behalf of a member.

What is Loomio?
Loomio is the platform we use to discuss, make decisions, and vote on proposals.

Does a single investment or contribution constitute membership? No. A single investment is just that; a single investment.

What is Activation Co-op Fund unable to fund?
We are unable to fund the debt of members, the military or police or organizations working in partnership with these entities, or projects already receiving funding from institutional sources.

Where can I read more about Activation Co-op Fund?
Take a look at the Handbook.