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What is Activation Cooperative Fund?

Activation Cooperative Fund is an experimental reparations based funding and investment program that accumulates funds through member contributions, and redistributes funds to members and AR using a cooperative decision making process.

We are exploring new ways of having money by growing wealth collectively. Activation Cooperative Fund is a display of our cooperative building power.

How did we get started?

At the end of 2019, Kamra Hakim became a member of Coop Fund, and submitted a proposal requesting $1300.00 be used to meet some of AR’s incorporation and land and farm ownership goals.

Since then and in the wake of COVID-19, we have conducted further research on cooperatives and decided to create our own modeled after Coop Fund.
As required, we are setting up an online platform for discussion, voting, and membership.

We work with lawyer Michael Haber of Hofstra University, and artist Emma Hedditch of Coop Fund to support our process. Currently, we are designing our bylaws and working to become incorporated in the State of New York. Coop Fund serves as our fiscal sponsor for this project.

The purpose of Activation Cooperative Fund is to generate resources and discussion to illuminate possibility for members where it did not previously exist.

meet the economic needs of the individual as a means to empower the individual to participate collectively.

fund and sustain AR’s land and farm ownership goals, online programming, digital training workshops, and residency programs.
center, support, and uplift Black and Indigenous trans and non-binary folks first always.

fund and sustain AR’s digital and physical accessibility commitments and ADA compliance.

expand AR’s community and membership beyond the residency programs through an online subscription platform.

practice equitable wealth redistribution through solidarity and discussion.

support proposals that would not otherwise receive funding from exclusionary financial institutions including banks, credit unions, loans, and state and non-profit grants.

produce the culture we need to thrive, practice and embody the values we hope to see in the world, and dream collective care into being as we wish and as we are able.
How does Activation Cooperative Fund work?

  1. Members pay a monthly subscription into Activation Cooperative Fund.
  2. Members have discussions.
  3. Members submit proposals.
  4. Members vote on which proposals receive funds.
  5. Members and/or Activation Residency receive funds.

After payment is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on engaging your membership via Loomio. If you need any assistance accessing membership or want to provide feedback, email
How do I become a member?

  1. Read and learn about Activation Cooperative Fund.
  2. Decide to become a member, and sign up by submitting your full name, pronouns, monthly subscription amount, and the email address associated with your PayPal account here.
  3. Subscribe with a minimum of $5 per month or $60 per calendar year.
  4. Join discussion and voting using the online platform, Loomio.
  5. Have a proposal? Submit is using Loomio.
Thank you for your interest in joining Activation Cooperative Fund. To become a member, submit your full name, pronouns, and monthly subscription amount. Upon sending your details, submit your payment using the PayPal feature below.

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