collective agreements

Activation’s collective agreements are intended to be fluid and sturdy, and are adapted from organizing and cultural workers who have paved the way for us to do this work. Agreements are intended to shift with our needs, provide clear pathways for safer engagement, and center the most vulnerable always. Edits are made at will and moderated collectively.

We Take Care Of Us
Our collective agreements are an exercise in community care

Care Before Impact
Taking care of yourself is taking care of the movement.

Consent At All Times
We act with respect for each other’s physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries.

Center All Marginalized Bodies
We are building spaces that empower oppressed communities.

We move with the intention to be and make actively antiracist choices.

We Are Learning
As we grow with our practices of collective care, creativity and a commitment to more equitable spaces we will expand 

Consider Abundance
We are building in opposition to the scarcity models of white supremacy, capitalism and oppression by sharing and creating resources.

This Work is a Living and Breathing Source
While our principles root us in our movements, we welcome adjusting and adding to our missions with the new information that comes with learning.

People are Many Things
Meet people where they are at with their experiences.

Honor Indigenous Knowledge
Find ways to honor the indigenous people, culture, lands and waters wherever you are located.

We Are Building
Our actions move us toward a more equitable future

Invest in Black lives
Reparations not donations. Shift your surplus to building Black futures.

Value Rest
We honor the magic that occurs when we allow our mind, body and soul to rest. Rest wherever and whenever possible.

Encourage Autonomy, Dismantle Hierarchy
We are a community of individuals that lift each other up.

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Collective Accountability
Our accountability processes seek to support us through healing without causing further harm, hold contradictory truths - that we can be harmed and cause harm at the same time - and provide safety in holding ourselves and each other accountable. It is within our reach to use accountability as a tool to shift power dynamics and repair harm without the police. Accountability processes can look like two folks chatting, BATJC pods, mediatory meetings, clearing circles, and conversations centering the needs of those impacted by harm in ways that support their self-determination.

We have real structural and capacity limitations to the space we can hold. We are not experts but rather, curious artists eager to hold space for this work to be done.