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a land design project by futurity artist who believes in a safer, food sovereign, creative, and soft edged future. 
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abolition is Black trans reclaimation.
Farming Futurity is Activation Residency’s attempt at active liberation and emergence. Futurity Artist believes a new world is not only possible, but already here. Farming Futurity is a plot of land in the South Catskills of Upstate, New York made up of an artist residency, experimental healing space, and permaculture farm hosting short term residencies for community members eager to explore transformative justice healing arts as a liberatory tool. 

November 2020 / Land Purchase

May 2021 / Permaculture Farm & Structures
July 2021 / Activation Residency Application
September 2021 / Activation Residency HQ

Black trans futures now.

we take care of us
a black trans led future space