farming futurity
︎5 cabins  
︎15 acres of land
︎1 permaculture farm
︎an entire Black trans future


Babies grow. It still feels shocking when yours does. When the life you work with your hands starts to blossom, and the little fern begets other baby ferns. And that one thing people played down as a birthday gathering becomes an impetus for massive transformation of many. To be named on lists across the World Wide Web. To have built a container where people have fallen in love and excavated the white supremacist within all at the same time. I smile at my resilience and the liberation that already lives inside of me. I smile at loving myself enough to birth @activationresidency.
My lease is up July 31, and I am not going to re-sign. Instead, I am buying an old pickup truck to drive across and up and down the country, put my heart center on the land until it calls to me and says, “You are home.” I think this is what Octavia Butler meant by speculative Black futures. 🌲 As Activation’s founding member, I have dreamt of an Activation space for years. My ambitions for farm and land ownership have become more attainable because of Anna Park’s $50K investment. I am putting it out there that Activation will continue to get those higher end investments.
I need 15 acres of land, workable soil and water, and enough financial resource to support the building of 5 independent, sustainable, and accessible cabins modeled after Modular Indigo Cabins by Woon Pioneers featured on the Space for Sale’s Instagram. Locations I am considering include Upstate New York, Vermont, Northern Arizona, and California. I am consulting with the Center for Bioregional Living on permaculture and general land ownership. Tax lawyers and Legal Zoom representatives are coaching me through the accounting aspects on owning land as an LLC.


Farming Futurity is Activation’s attempt at active liberation and emergence. We believe a new world is not only possible, but already here. Farming Futurity is  15 acres of land in the South Catskills of Upstate, New York made up of a permanent homestead for founder, Kamra Hakim, artist residency and QTBIPOC sanctuary, permaculture farm, and healing space providing short term residencies for community members eager to explore transformative justice healing arts as a liberatory tool.
This project will cost upwards of $750K. Funding this project means winning the imagination war. Kamra plans to use their personal savings as well as the money invested in this project to buy land. We have 5 weeks to raise $630K for this absolutely necessary, revolutionary work. You can help by investing in this program. Share this program with friends who have experience with farm and land ownership. Recommend agricultural and care staff to provide support. We are listening.



down payment on 15 acres of land
purchase of land with workable soil and water

transportation needs
this portion of the fund will cover the vehicle itself, registration, vehicle maintenance, tolls, and gas.

land development
support the building of structures and property improvements 
farming & permaculture
land mapping for farm, garden, greenhouses,  free roaming animals, and a barn.

business development & mentorship
consultations, guidance & legal advice

agricultural support & care labor
funds for paying the stewards of the land
project budget


funds raised