exploring healing justice 

Black Feminist Queer Cultural and Memory Worker, Curator, and Organizer,  Cara Page, invented healing justice praxis as a response to support folks after Hurricane Katrina. Healing justice shows us how we can holistically respond to generational trauma and violence through modalities that transform the impact oppression has on our mind-bodies. The issues we face today are marked by the generations of trauma and violence experienced and witnessed by our ancestors and our movements through and between this trauma is collective.

Our healing work is historical and lived. Because our oppression is rooted in trauma, it is important that our movement work be situated in collective healing. Healing justice because none but us can free ourselves, and our collective liberation requires access to quality and uncompromised healing, care, rest, and space for it all by us and for us. Activation seeks to support us healing on our own terms non-linearly by acknowledging that healing can be dangerous. We leverage healing to scale our power and capacity.