the mutual aid residency
permanent location coming soon :)
Upstate, New York

2018, 2019 

Activation operated out of a bucolic 12 acre property in Woodridge, NY. The Outlier Inn has a main house, a barn and shop, a bungalow, a cottage, a geodesic dome, an outdoor kitchen, two guest houses, 2 pastures, 2 tiny houses, woodfired cedar hottube, a vegetable garden, a trailer, two recording studios, and a pond.

The geodesic dome makes every sonic experience special. The space hosts up to 200 and comfortably sleeps 60.


Activation’s first access informed permanent location opens fall 2020 in Upstate, NY. Sprawled out on 7 acres of land is a geodesmic dome, a refined wood sauna, a spheric windowed single story main house haning over a body of water, a hydroponic farm, a recording studio, 3 micro homes, 2 creative labs, a boutique, a resource center, a natural spring, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor bathhouse, an outdoor movement studio, and a pasture.

This property hosts up to 100 and sleeps 30.

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