Activation Co-op Fund Purspose, Principles, Participation


generate resources and discussion to illuminate possibility for members where it did not previously exist.

meet the economic needs of the individual as a means to empower the individual to participate collectively.

fund and sustain Activation’s land and farm ownership goals, online programming, digital training workshops, and residency programs.

fund and sustain Activation’s digital and physical accessibility commitments and ADA compliance.

expand Activation’s community and membership beyond the residency programs through an online subscription platform.

practice equitable wealth redistribution through solidarity and discussion.

support proposals that would not otherwise receive funding from exclusionary financial institutions including banks, credit unions, loans, and state and non-profit grants.

produce the culture we need to thrive, practice and embody the values we hope to see in the world, and dream collective care into being as we wish and as we are able.

Voluntary and Open Membership
Members unite voluntarily to meet economic and social needs of members and Activation through a jointly owned and collectively controlled structure. 

Activation Co-op Fund is open to all persons without gender, class, racial, political, or religious discrimination.

Democratic Member Control 
Members have the right to participate, to be informed, to be heard, and to be involved in making decisions. 

Member Decision Making Power
All members have one vote per proposal, and are encouraged to participate in the governance of the co-op fund and how funds are allocated. 

Meeting Collective Needs 
Members are asked to think about what they need as individuals and what Activation needs as a collective. We consider our co-op fund a structure that aims to support part of those needs.

Self Responsibility
Members are accountable.  

Members invest in the lives of others even when results may not benefit every member directly. The wellbeing of members, Activation, and other collectives are considered. 

Experimental Framework
Activation Co-op Fund is an experiment. As such, members have a willingness to listen and revise.

Commitment to Equity 
Fair distribution of income and power in society should be based on need, not labor or ownership of capital.

Transparent Processes 
Transparency about how decisions are made and how things are done is necessary. 


Membership subscription can happen on an individual or organization basis. If subscribing as an individual, choose a subscription amount that reflects the scale of your wealth. If subscribing as an organization, choose a subscription amount that reflects the scale of the organization.

At the launch of Activation Co-op Fund, the minimum subscription level is set at $5.00 per member per month. The minimum is reviewed by members every 6 months. 

Subscriptions will be collected monthly, quarterly or annually in advance via PayPal. 

Individuals and organizations are invited to subscribe at a level higher than the minimum rate. A higher subscription does not confer extended or additional membership rights. 

Members are encouraged to be active participants in meetings and discussions. For decisions about the bylaws of Activation Co-op Fund, a minimum of 35% of members need to participate in the vote.

Member meetings are held every 3 months and can be joined in person or remotely.

When voting on a proposal members are encouraged to explain why they have chosen to vote in a particular way, or give feedback on the proposal.

To ensure an ecosystem of giving and receiving between members and the members’ structure, a proposal on behalf of Activation must be proposed and funded for every proposal proposed and funded on behalf of a member.

Activation Co-op Fund Purpose, Principles, Participation are adapted from Coop Fund’s Purpose, Principles, Participation. Email feedback, suggestions, and edits to

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