Care Program
︎September 10-13, 2020

Class Traitor Program
︎September 17-20, 2020

sliding scale: justice pricing

Activation’s Class Traitor Program justice practice model is adapted from Worts & Cunning Apothecary.

Sliding scale offers Activation’s Class Traitor Program at multiple price points to center justice pricing. Activation receives no institutional funding and therefore, must mobilize the wealthy class to redistribute means. 

Our justice pricing relies on truthfulness, respect for complexity, and accountability as we do not ask for income verification. We trust our participating artists to pay honestly. We ask participants to consider sacrifice and hardship when self selecting their residency program fee. For example, if paying the selected amount is difficult, but not detrimental, it qualifies as a sacrifice which means you may need to avoid going out to dinner or buying coffee for a week, but it will not have long term harmful impacts on your life. 

If paying the residency fee would cause harm such as not being able to buy groceries or pay rent, you are experiencing financial hardship and qualify for lower end sliding scale or the Care Program if you are also Black and Indigenous and/or trans/non-binary : QTBIPOC. 

Here are the guidelines we have adapted to help you self select your residency program fee. 

The highest dollar cost ($1000 USD) reflects the true cost of the residency program. It is the price this residency costs for each person if it were not operating using sliding scale. This price point is for you if you have access to financial security, own property, have an inheritance or personal savings. If you are able to pay for "wants" and spend little time worried about securing necessities in your life, you have economic privilege and power in our community. This price is for you.
The middle dollar cost ($700 - $1000 USD) reflects our acknowledgment that paying the full cost prevents some folks from being able to access the residency. If you are struggling with debt or building savings or living paycheck to paycheck, but have access to steady income and are not consistently concerned about meeting your basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, child care, etc. If you are able to garner financial support from loved ones, we ask that you do that before using our sliding scale as a resource.

The lowest dollar cost ($500 - $700 USD) represents our honest acknowledgment that there are folks whose economic circumstances prevent them from being able to access the residency. This price is for you if you struggle to maintain access to needs such as health care, housing, food, childcare, and are living paycheck to paycheck or are in debt.

We all deserve access to communities that honor our price as equal economic offerings. As the lowest dollar cost is still prohibitive, we will work with folks to offer extended payment plans and other solutions.

There are 60 Class Traitor residency spots available. 15 spots are reserved for the lowest dollar cost ($500 - $700). Please be mindful when self selecting your dollar cost. If you pay at the lowest dollar cost when you can actually afford the higest dollar cost, you are limiting access to those who truly need financial flexibility. 

Accountability in self selecting your residency program fee grows a strong and sustainable community. When we are paid fairly, we are able to invest more time and resources to offer free and accessible gifts and services. 

More information on Activation at the Outlier Inn can be found on the FAQ page.