activation residency
where bodies & stars collide
an artist residency that really fucking cares

Activation Residency is a Black trans led artist residency aiming to generate safer and more collaborative space, adapt to its residents’ needs, and create portals to futures needed now. Located in New York state’s southern Catskill mountains of Woodridge, the residency seeks to activate the creative practice of each participating resident, redistribute access, resources, and care, and play with the means of production.

Activation Residency was founded in 2018 by futurity artist in response to the lack of creative and healing opportunities available to Black and brown trans and queer artists, activists, and community members. Kamra moved to New York in 2016 and quickly discovered they needed equitable creative healing space centering Black trans people.

They asked 20 of their artist friends to participate in a small residency experiment fall 2018. Their friends agreed, enjoyed 3 magical days at the Outlier Inn, then spent the next year expanding their portfolios, pursuing creative endeavors and activating their deepest dreams and desires.

In 2019, Activation Residency hosted 60 artists at the Outlier Inn for a healing justice seminar. These artists deepened their transformative justice praxis and developed pods to help them hold themselves accountable beyond the seminar.

In 2020, Activation Residency launched Activation Cooperative Fund, Respite as Resistance, and Farming Futurity. Each initiative exists as a counter gesture and opportunity to return creation to Black people. Activation Residency HQ via Farming Futurity will open as soon as funding pours in.