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Activation is a residency and not a retreat or festival because we invite each and every participant to activate their practice. Whether you have been painting for five years or dancing for two weeks, you are an artist. We sit, live in, and contemplate our works amongst our peers. We relax into the celebration of what it means to build upon an ethos of active participation and communal dependency.


Activation works as a container for designing rituals in a post ritual age.

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Artists worldwide contribute a myriad of mediums, from performance art to poetry.

The Outlier Inn’s intimate scale and unique layout make every performance at Activation exceptional. The geodesic dome provides immersive sonic experiences, while our queer informed and pleasure oriented workshops induce existential stimulation.


Activation provides diverse and comprehensive healing curriculum that honors your unique healing process. We acknowledge that healing is deep, painful, beautiful, and does not require a set of rules. Yoga, meditation, and breath workshops will be offered daily.


Participants have the opportunity to engage with scheduled programming, as well as develop and organize pop-up shows, sets, performances, and barter booths and stands of their own!


The Outlier Inn

The organic layout includes a fiber and vegetable farm, world class geodesic dome, main house, cottage, apartment 1, apartment 2, bungalow, vintage trailer, tiny house 1, tiny house 2, a multi-million dollar recording studio, campground for pitching up to 10 tents, the communal outdoor kitchen, bath house, covered farm table dining area, outhouse, and wood-fired cedar hot tub.


90 miles from New York City, the Outlier Inn is a bucolic 12-acre property in New York state’s southern Catskill mountains of Woodridge, offering a peaceful and inspiring respite. The space’s state of the art facilities blur the lines between luxury and nature, encouraging deep and meaningful exploration.