307 County Route 54 Woodridge, NY 12789


What is Activation?

Activation is a three day creative residency exploring synergies between activism and healing. This residency is designed to facilitate creative growth for working artists.

I am differently abled. What are my ADA options?

Please email activationresidency@gmail.com and we will be sure to meet your needs.

What are my lodging options?

As part of your participation package, you will be assigned to one of the following luxury lodging options: main house, cottage, apartment 1, apartment 2, vintage trailer, tiny house 1, and tiny house 2. Luxury accommodation requires participants to share bunks.

For those who would like to rest solo, there is campground space for you to bring and set up your own tent. Space for camping solo is limited.

What is the policy on waste?

Leave no trace. Compost is on site. The outhouse and trailer toilet are not toilet paper disposable. Please manage your waste responsibly.

Can I transfer my admission to someone else?

No. All passes are granted on an application basis. One must apply and be selected to attend.

How do I obtain a press or media pass?

Please email activationresidency@gmail.com to obtain a press or media pass.

How does the barter system work?

At Activation, we believe in building our own economy of care. If you make tinctures, juices, perform reiki, or read tarot, we encourage you to exchange your gifts and talents with fellow community members.

Can I request a refund?

Due to the DIY nature of this residency, refunds will not be granted. Once confirmed, you are committed.

What is the age requirement?

Activation is a 21+ residency.

What amenities are offered?

A variety of organic and local food and beverages, an outdoor kitchen to make your own snacks and tea and coffee, WiFi, hot showers, barn and general store, and access to in-home device charging.

What are the food and beverage options?

Organic and locally sourced meals are provided for breakfast and dinner. We encourage participants to buy produce and goods from the Outlier Inn’s farm and barn to cook snacks and meals together for lunch. We share coffee, tea, cacao, cocktails and beer, yummy juices and healthy snacks.

Are single day passes available?

No. Activation is a full experience and those who participate are encouraged to be present from beginning to end.

Can I camp in my car?

No. Part of the participation fee covers lodging. Plus, we want you to have a supreme Activation experience.

How do I become a food or beverage vendor?

Please email activationresidency@gmail.com to become a food or beverage vendor.

How will I get to Activation?

Each participant is responsible for arranging their own travel. The Inn is 15 minutes the from Monticello Shortline Bus Terminal and 15 minutes from the Otisville, New Jersey Transit Station. A shuttle will run from the Monticello Shortline Bus Terminal to the Outlier Inn hourly. There are several buses each day to the Woodridge Terminal, which is a 2 minute drive from the Inn.

Are babies welcome?

Unfortunately, Activation cannot accommodate babies. We are sorry.

Can I bring my dog?

Animal friends are welcome. Keep in mind that there are other animals on the property.

I do not have a PayPal. How do I pay?

Create a PayPal account! It is easy and free. Be sure to choose a payment sending option that does not accrue transfer fees. Payments sent that do not reflect the full fee amount will need to be adjusted accordingly.

What programming will be offered?

Night time shows, performances, and sets from a variety of artists, guided yoga, mediation, breath and body work, skill building, and self empowerment workshops throughout the day. Scheduled programming will be announced this summer.

Am I required to present or perform?

Participants are not required to present or perform. Activation provides scheduled programming. Participants have the opportunity to share their work if they so choose.

How are conflicts mitigated?

As a community, we are responsible for taking care of one another, which includes engaging in constructive dialogue if conflict arises.

What are my parking options?

If you are driving, we ask that you ride share. There is space for a few vehicles to park on site.

How do I partner with or sponsor Activation?

Please email activationresidency@gmail.com to set up partnerships and sponsorships.

What should I bring?

All things fun and exciting! Art supplies, cards, snacks, games, and puzzles. We encourage play all day.